Sunday, August 31, 2008

Katie Books

I love buying books for my nieces that feature characters with their names. I've got a couple great ones for Christmas, as soon as I check to see if they've already got them or not. Flyaway Katie by Polly Dunbar, is written and illustrated by the illustrator of Shoe Baby by Joyce Dunbar, and is a fabulous and fantastical, colorful fun story of a little girl who cheers herself up on a gray day using her own imagination (and some paint). My kids adore it, but as a warning, M's favorite part is when Katie paints her face and arms, which you could play off as silly when reading, but...

Another great "Katie" book, that I gave to my niece Katie for her birthday this year, is Before I Was Your Mother by Kathryn Lasky. I compares a mom with herself as a little girl and shows her grown up with her own daughter sharing stories of her childhood. The illustrations are beautiful, it's easy to follow the back-and-forth (even for a 3-year old), and the mom as a little girl was adventurous and not super "girly" (wears her red cowgirl boots as a flower girl, loves her overalls and her special green bag for hiding treasures, etc). I also loved it because it made me cry. Yep. It's really sweet at the end, and will likely bring a tear to your eye if you're an adult female.

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