Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

Who is the cleverest of them all? How about author Virgina Kahl! And her Duchess in The Duchess Bakes A Cake of course! She may be royalty, and she may spend most of her time "reading and writing, walking and waiting," oh, and bearing children (she's got 13 daughters—Holy Cats!), but this heroine also really succeeds in baking a "Lovely, light luscious delectable cake," and is the only one in the kingdom who can figure out how to get herself out of the humorous predicament she gets herself into by dismissing the cook for the day and endeavoring to bake on her own!

This book is humorous, has wonderful illustrations and it is Suess-ian in its fabulous rhyming prose. Read it. Madeline LOVES it. I ADORE it! Well, and one of the adorable little daughters in it is named Madeline, proving that the Duchess has great taste too.

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