Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"There was nothing but pie."

"But there were all nine kinds of pie that Harold liked best."

Oh, how we adore Harold And The Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson. And how could you not love this book? Whenever he gets into a little trouble, Harold either "... comes up thinking fast," or "... kept his wits and his purple crayon." And, I love it when he shares his pie picnic with "... a very hungry moose and a deserving porcupine..." such imagination and whimsy. Pure fun!

And, of course being a pie lover (in a house of pie lovers...) I love to ask the kids, "What kinds of pie do you think Harold likes best?" Erik says, "Rooo-barb" and Madeline says, "Plum, and apple, and cherry, and lemon, and peach, and lettuce! Hehehehehe!"

We'll probably have to buy this one someday too. It's the greatest!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Vroom It Up!

I found Erik "reading" ABC Pop! by Rachel Isadora this morning when I went in the kids' room. He loves this alphabet book, and so do I—the illustrations are fabulous, as are the words for each letter. A for airplane (Zoom, Voom, Biz Biz), H for hot dog, G for gas, O for ocean, W for web (with a great spider and web) and Z for Zing! Zoom! Zap! We've only had this from the library for a few days, and E can't get enough of it. It's a possible (future) purchase. I love catching them reading!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

We Are So Glad You've Come!

The birth of our friends' baby today inspired me to read Debra Frasier's On The Day You Were Born. I love this book. I bought it a couple weeks before Erik was born and read it to Madeline, or just aloud to myself, often. It never failed to choke me up and bring tears to the eye. Such a sweet and powerful little book.

There is also a photo journal book available, based on the original, that you can add eight photos to, and write in details of your child's first day on our "...round planet Earth." I got one for E, and have given them as gifts.

Check them out (and buy them) — both books are a wonderful addition to a child's collection, and a great way to say, "We are so glad you've come!"


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