Thursday, October 9, 2008

We Are So Glad You've Come!

The birth of our friends' baby today inspired me to read Debra Frasier's On The Day You Were Born. I love this book. I bought it a couple weeks before Erik was born and read it to Madeline, or just aloud to myself, often. It never failed to choke me up and bring tears to the eye. Such a sweet and powerful little book.

There is also a photo journal book available, based on the original, that you can add eight photos to, and write in details of your child's first day on our "...round planet Earth." I got one for E, and have given them as gifts.

Check them out (and buy them) — both books are a wonderful addition to a child's collection, and a great way to say, "We are so glad you've come!"

1 comment:

Jerrie said...

I love this book. Becky gave it to us when Archer was born! Great addition to your list! :)


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