Monday, November 3, 2008

Love This Book!!

I do. I love this book. I checked it out last year at Thanksgiving time, and again about a month ago. Of course, now there are holds on it so I had to return it. That's OK, since this is on the "to own" list. It's even got a page in the back for recording what you're thankful for each year at T-day.

Why do I love Thanks for Thanksgiving by Julie Markes, you ask? Well, the illustrations are phenomenal. Vibrant, rich, fun, and real (you know, toys on the floor in a house with children; the mom is in comfy clothes, the family scene is full of real characters). And, of course the story is marvelous. It rhymes beautifully, with wonderful things that the kids are thankful for... "Thank you for Fall and gold leaves floating by/Thank you for school I love to feel smart./Thank you for music and dancing and art." and "Thank you for Mommy and warm, cozy cuddles./Thank you for Daddy and rides on a sled." It ends up with, "But most of all, thanks for the family I love." Well said!

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