Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snap This Up!!

Cookie Count: A Tasty Pop-Up by Robert Sabuda, is brilliant! Absolutely, charmingly, deliciously, intricately ingenious. I was enchanted the first page-through. The kids LOVE it. LOVE. They both sucked in their collective breaths on page #10, which is a full-blown gingerbread house pop up. One through ten of this counting book features scrumptious cookies, and little mice chefs (it says a lot that the rodents don't bother me... I'm not a rodent fan) on each page of inventive pop-up art. I found this gem on a list of recommended counting books from the library and bought it. It was worth every penny.

My favorites are the fortune cookies (with fortunes), and the Linzer hearts (with heart-shaped cooling rack), oh! and the Pinwheels... one of which twirls on a fork when you turn the page as the mice pull it up with strings. Sigh... I adore this sweet little book that is so delicious you could nearly eat it up.

Buy it. Give it to children you love this holiday season. Make it a part of your holiday traditions — it would make a brilliant accompaniment to any cookie baking / decorating you do every year!


Jen said...

Good to know! Where did you get it?

-K said...


Jerrie said...

very cool. I am not a rodent fan either, it is amazing how illustrators can make us love them though...


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