Thursday, February 19, 2009

"I'm In," says the Mynah Bird

It's got a Mynah bird, a take-charge little boy with Big Plans (Big Plans, I say!), big imagination, and is chock-full of excellent illustrations, vocabulary and is a hoot to read.

The kids' newest fave is written by Bob Shea and lucky for us, I found it in the book bin at QFC for keeps!

His stinky skunk hat is fabulous too (although it isn't too obvious whether or not he "makes" it himself, but the tongue lolling out of the corner of the mouth is funny to Joel and I, even if the kids don't get it.) You gotta love subtlety.

And, I can't read this without "Bird Is The Word" playing in my head: "The Bird, the bird, the bird is the word..."

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