Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pink Delicious!!

When Madeline was almost two, she called Pinkalicious by Victoria & Elizabeth Kann "Pink Delicious." Although, I must admit, I wasn't the world's biggest fan of this book. I tend to avoid any books that refer to veggies as "yucky" in any way. So, I just skipped over those bits.

Fast-forward to last week when we are eating dinner and M refuses to eat her veggies. (This is my girl who adores veggies.) "Yuck! Green food!" What? I asked her. You are the one who chose these baby zucchini from the produce section, remember? Then, I discovered they'd read Pinkalicious at school. Aha! So, I got it from the library to read at home, and I have to say that this book has grown on me.
I read the whole book now, verbatim, but we discuss how silly it is to not like grapes, pickles, peas, cucumbers, broccoli, etc. And, the kids continue to adore Pinkalicious. Erik especially loves it — I think because the little brother "wins" in the end, or so E believes. He said, while chuckling like a fiend the other morning, "Duh liddle bruh-ther got the last cupcake!!"

So, today we made some fun treats, inspired by "Pink Delicious"... Erik loved his, and Mad loved helping decorate, and practicing her letters in sprinkles. And, yes, the cupcakes are pink inside too. Strawberry, but of course!


Jerrie said...

What a fun book. I LOVE your cupcakes. I think I need one! Maybe I should go check that book out of the library and make me some cupcakes. :)

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing! Ben calls them pink delicious cupcakes too:)


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