Saturday, March 21, 2009

Book Bag: March

I love how I quite often just stop at a shelf in the library and pick out several books that are exactly fitting for us at the time. The Apple Pie That Papa Baked... just in time for Pi Day. Those Darn Squirrels... well, if you know us, you know that's always fitting. Klippity Klop - suits M's love of We're Going on A Bear Hunt, and includes a dragon, knight and horses.

More details from our March Book Bag... the especially beloved (by my tykes) are marked with ****

  1. Flat Stanley / Jeff Brown****A Classic, and they love it - silly and fun.
  2. The letters are lost! / Lisa Campbell Ernst
  3. Wake up, it's spring! / Lisa Campbell Ernst
  4. Fin M'Coul : the giant of Knockmany Hill / Tomie de Paola
  5. Llama, llama red pajama / Anna Dewdney.****I think they like this one because they think it's silly that the Llama freaks out when his mom doesn't immediately run to his bidding... of course that doesn't stop them from doing the same.
  6. Grace for president / Kelly DiPucchio
  7. G is for one gzonk : an alpha-number-bet book / Tiny DiTerlooney
  8. Being honest / Jill Lynn Donahue
  9. The bouncing, dancing, galloping ABC / Charlotte Doyle
  10. Clara Caterpillar / Pamela Duncan Edwards****WONDERFUL book filled to the brim with "C" words. Amazing vocabulary building, bright and beautiful illustrations, and great message about individuality... this one's a keeper. (Some Smug Slug, and Four Famished Foxes and Fosdyke are also fab books by this author.)
  11. Klippity klop / Ed Emberley**** Sweet little book, reminiscent of Going On A Bear Hunt, with great line-drawing illustrations
  12. Scoot! / Cathryn Falwell
  13. Meerkat mail / Emily Gravett
  14. Orange pear apple bear / Emily Gravett
  15. Owen's marshmallow chick / Kevin Henkes.**** Haven't found a Henkes book yet that we don't like...
  16. Grump groan growl / Bell Hooks
  17. Nora's stars / Satomi Ichikawa
  18. My pig Amarillo / Satomi Ichikawa
  19. Lili at ballet / Rachel Isadora
  20. Uh-oh! / Rachel Isadora
  21. Not just tutus / Rachel Isadora.
  22. Papa do you love me? / Barbara Joosse****Gorgeous illustrations and poetic story. They are fascinated by Africa
  23. Froggy eats out / Jonathan London
  24. Chinatown / William Low
  25. Elephant quilt : stitch by stitch to California! / Susan Lowell
  26. Kanu of Kathmandu : a journey in Nepal / Barbara A. Margolies.
  27. Those darn squirrels! / Adam Rubin **** LOVE this book. It's hilarious.
  28. What did you put in your pocket? / Beatrice Schenk de Regniers
  29. Doo-Wop Pop / Roni Schotter **** Great rhythm and beat, beautiful illustrations, and a wonderful message.
  30. The apple pie that papa baked / Lauren Thompson**** Great rhyme. Fun illustrations, and the kids are captivated by the Papa baking a pie...
  31. Little Quack's bedtime / Lauren Thompson**** Little Quack is well loved in our house. The kids can't get enough of this book.
  32. Max counts his chickens / Rosemary Wells

Monday, March 2, 2009

Book Bag: February

We had a party at our place today to celebrate and read! Nine kids and eight readers, plus Seussian treats made for lots of fun. Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss, or as this excellent dedication says, from Wild About Books (thank you for this amazing book, Gramma!!) "This book is for our favorite doctor, artist, poet, fun concocter: Theodor Seuss Geisel, 1904-1991 - Judy Sierra and Marc Brown

More fabulous reads from our February Book Bag... the especially beloved (by my tykes) are marked with ****

  1. Mouse mess / Linnea Riley.
  2. Don't let the pigeon drive the bus / Mo Willems. **** (yeah, who doesn't LOVE this book?)
  3. The squiggle / Carole Lexa Schaefer
  4. Stargazing sky / Deborah Kogan Ray.
  5. We've all got bellybuttons! / David Martin
  6. Ella takes the cake / Carmela & Steven D'Amico.****
  7. Ella the elegant elephant / Carmela & Steven D'Amico.****
  8. Time to say please! / Mo Willems.
  9. Carousel / Brian Wildsmith.
  10. One naked baby : counting to ten and back again / Maggie Smith.**** (this counting book has been a fave since Madeline was 15 months old)
  11. Sheep in a jeep / Nancy Shaw**** (The rhyme and rhythm of this one is superb)
  12. Dinosaur! / Peter Sis.
  13. Sorting toys / by Jennifer L. Marks.
  14. Snow / Joan Clark
  15. Miss Spider's ABC / David Kirk.
  16. Night of the moonjellies / Mark Shasha. **** (I love this one too!! A young boy learning an excellent work ethic by helping his family run their business. Beautiful story and illustrations.)
  17. Piggies / Don and Audrey Wood
  18. Polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear? / Bill Martin, Jr.
  19. Bigmama's / Donald Crews
  20. Froggy gets dressed / Jonathan London**** (It's the Fuh-ROGGGGYYYYY!!! And forgetting his underwear. Slays them every time...)
  21. My book box / Will Hillenbrand
  22. Pinkalicious / Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann**** (Cupcakes. Little brother gets the "last word.")
  23. Lickety-split / Robert Heidbreder**** (Action, wonderful vocabulary, engaging illustrations, and little brother gets the "last word.")

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Our stack of Seuss books was only a very small number of the books devoured at today's Seuss-stravaganza! I found Lilly in the hall, with Funny Face, and Charlotte was engrossed in Winnie the Pooh's ABC's, while Madeline followed The Little Mermaid while waiting for the Green Eggs & Ham cake to be cut. Four-month old Alexandria let me read eight board books to her before she needed to do something else. She loves Hand, Hand, Fingers Thumb as much as I do (although I don't usually feel the urge to chew on the book...), and 4-year old Gavino enjoyed a few of the stories I picked for Alexandria too.
Gramma and Grampa both read books to any kids that wanted to climb on up and listen, and Mad & G especially love one of our all-time faves... The Paperbag Princess. Lilly and Ben enjoyed some Green Egg cookies at the kids' table while checking out Go Dog, Go! and other fun board books. Rochelle and Gramma both read Big Plans to the kids... one of our very favorite new books.

Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate Read Across America Day with us today. March is Reading Month, so add a few extra books every day to what you read to your kids. And remember, you are never too little to enjoy a good book (just look at wee Alexandria's concentration). If you haven't yet done it today... share some books with someone small!


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