Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Our stack of Seuss books was only a very small number of the books devoured at today's Seuss-stravaganza! I found Lilly in the hall, with Funny Face, and Charlotte was engrossed in Winnie the Pooh's ABC's, while Madeline followed The Little Mermaid while waiting for the Green Eggs & Ham cake to be cut. Four-month old Alexandria let me read eight board books to her before she needed to do something else. She loves Hand, Hand, Fingers Thumb as much as I do (although I don't usually feel the urge to chew on the book...), and 4-year old Gavino enjoyed a few of the stories I picked for Alexandria too.
Gramma and Grampa both read books to any kids that wanted to climb on up and listen, and Mad & G especially love one of our all-time faves... The Paperbag Princess. Lilly and Ben enjoyed some Green Egg cookies at the kids' table while checking out Go Dog, Go! and other fun board books. Rochelle and Gramma both read Big Plans to the kids... one of our very favorite new books.

Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate Read Across America Day with us today. March is Reading Month, so add a few extra books every day to what you read to your kids. And remember, you are never too little to enjoy a good book (just look at wee Alexandria's concentration). If you haven't yet done it today... share some books with someone small!

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