Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Book Bag: June & July

We were lucky enough to attend a Scholastic Warehouse Sale with Gramma at the start of summer, and the books that she gifted us with have been entertaining us greatly. I'll post some of them later this season as they are quickly become some of the kids' favorites.

Here's our library book bag for June/July (including some great educational DVDs) ****Faves detailed below:

  1. Sea horses / by Ann Herriges ****Madeline LOVED this one (of course)
  2. Noses / Daniel Nun
  3. From kernel to corn / by Robin Nelson
  4. Duck! Rabbit! / Amy Krouse Rosenthal
  5. Little Oink / by Amy Krouse Rosenthal****We all loved this silly, "backward" tale about cleaning up (in the vein of Little Pea -eating veggies, and Little Hoot -bedtime)
  6. The lady of ten thousand names : goddess stories from many cultures / retold by Burleigh Muten****Freya is one of the goddesses in this book, and I was reviewing it for a gift for a friend's newborn daughter. Neat book for older kids, and for a keepsake book.
  7. The rusty, trusty tractor / by Joy Cowley
  8. Words are not for hurting / by Elizabeth Verdick
  9. Llama Llama misses Mama / Anna Dewdney****Both kids loved this one about Llama Llama going to preschool.

  1. City of bees / Frejas Born Film and Sound****LOVED this one. Very interesting.
  2. Dirt monsters / Lolo Productions ; Totally Trucks****Cool trucks ABC's piece in this, and E adored this show.
  3. All about birds / National Geographic Kids
  4. Ocean life / produced by Lancit Media Productions Ltd.

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