Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Book Bag: August

August was all about folk and fairy tales, heroines, science, dinosaurs and Diego... the kids have also discovered Kipper and adore his tales, and I like the Kipper DVDs because the segments are about 12 minutes each (easy to dole out one or two "shows" without it being 40-60 mins). I also found several gems that have become favorites already... ****Marks our super-duper-extra faves, below!
  1. Vasilissa the beautiful : a Russian folktale / adapted by Elizabeth Winthrop****Baba Yaga in all her scary glory, Vasilissa's tale (like Cinderella but she saves herself) and gorgeous illustrations
  2. How the Amazon queen fought the prince of Egypt / Tamara Bower
  3. Diego saves the sloth! / by Alexis Romay
  4. Mrs. Wishy-Washy makes a splash! / Joy Cowley
  5. Shape by shape / Suse MacDonald. ****Shapes that slowly reveal a Brachiosaurus! How could you go wrong with this one??
  6. Diego and Papi to the rescue / by Wendy Wax
  7. Go Diego Go! The great dinosaur rescue
  8. Diego's wolf pup rescue / adapted by Christine Ricci
  9. Diego's safari rescue / adapted by Ligiah Villalobos
  10. A humpback whale tale / adapted by Justin Spelvin
  11. Go Diego go! Underwater mystery [videorecording]
  12. Dinosaur roar! / Paul & Henrietta Stickland.
  13. What lives in a shell? / by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld
  14. Air is all around you / by Franklyn M. Branley
  15. Starfish / by Edith Thacher Hurd ****I LOVE all of these Science for preschoolers series books, but Madeline especially loves this one!
  16. A nest full of eggs / by Priscilla Belz Jenkins
  17. Come to tea! : fun tea party themes, recipes, crafts, etiquette, and more / Stephanie Dunnewind ****An excellent book. Would make a great gift for any young girl who likes tea parties
  18. Kipper. Amazing discoveries! [videorecording]
  19. Kipper. Kipper helps out [videorecording]
  20. ABC / by Bruno Munari. ****Wonderful illustrations
  21. Bruno Munari's zoo / Bruno Munari
  22. Pictures from our vacation / Lynne Rae Perkins
  23. Mama played baseball / David A. Adler ****A mom who supports her family playing baseball while her husband is off fighting in WWII - great story, great history, amazing illustrations.
  24. At night / Jonathan Bean
  25. Dinosaur discoveries / by Gail Gibbons
  26. Dinosaurs! / by Gail Gibbons
  27. A child's day : an alphabet of play / Ida Pearle
  28. Jambo means hello; Swahili alphabet book / by Muriel Feelings
  29. The seven Chinese sisters / written by Kathy Tucker ; illustrated by Grace Lin ****I can't count the times I've read this one. Madeline adores it, and it's a great tale of girls who outsmart, and out-tough, a dragon!
  30. Monkey world / Matthew Porter ****Wonderfully poetic prose, beautiful illustrations and creative occupations!
  31. Animalia / Graeme Base ****Creative and breathtaking. A feast for the eyes.

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