Friday, November 13, 2009

Book Bag: November

Creative alphabet books, learning about leaves, and prepping for the holiday season... that's what November was about. We also corralled our books to return them, since we were nearing 75 checked out. Somewhere around 20 really is much more manageable. So, we read a lot of our own books this month, but here are a handful of library books that we really loved...
  1. Alphabestiary : animal poems from A to Z / selected by Jane Yolen ****Great illustrations, and fun alphabet book
  2. Autumn Leaves/ by Ken Robbins
  3. The Nutcracker / Susan Jeffers ****One of the best versions of the Nutcracker for kids that I've seen! Ballet-focused, spare prose, gorgeous illustrations. The only "minus" is that the girl in the story is called "Marie" rather than "Clara" which could confuse kids who know the story.
  4. The magic nutcracker: the nutcracker ballet retold / by Margaret Hillert
  5. All in the woodland early : an ABC book / by Jane Yolen
  6. Blueberries for the queen / John & Katherine Paterson ****Wonderfully imaginative historic book
  7. Robot Zot! / Jon Scieszka ; illustrated by David Shannon ****Scieszka and Shannon, how can you go wrong?? The kids LOVE this one!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Wynton Marsalis's Jazz ABZ is such a cool book. Beautiful illustrations by Paul Rogers and perfectly matched prose by Marsalis make this a fun education on Jazz musicians as you move through the alphabet from Louis Armstrong to DiZzy Gillespie.

Charlie Parker Played Be Bop by Chris Rashka has long been a favorite in our house, and a board book that I gift to all new babies I know, so Jazz musicians interest our kids, as does Jazz music. At two- and four-years old, Jazz ABZ is a little old for my kids at this point, but they still enjoy the illustrations, word play, and especially the letters that have text that swings & bops to a beat. And, they're learning new words like awkward, dogma, embarking, ephemeral, fractured, julep, zenith, and many, many more. This book's a treasure—buy it! We did.


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