Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy, Happy Hearts!!

Michael Hall's My Heart Is Like A Zoo is a marvelous children's book. The poetic writing is smart and full of excellent vocabulary words like eager, hopeful, rugged, crafty and snappy. It's colorful, fresh, fun, silly, creative and we loved the "heart puzzles" that make up each animal. In fact, we ended up making a number of heart animals to give as Valentine's this year.

The frog, bee, bunny, hippo, clam, owl and crab were our kids favorites this year. Erik loved fitting each heart that we cut out onto a picture in the book and then planning the rest of each puzzle animal. Madeline loved helping with the construction too and especially loved the sea creatures.

This colorful book is surely a gem for your home library, and would make a great gift for any little somebody in your life!

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