Friday, April 2, 2010

Book Bag: March

With Pi Day (math), Dr. Seuss's birthday, and garden prep, we've been fairly well covered for topics lately. March was all about the human body, gardening, math, the Transformers and comic books (Tiny Titans, Sonic and Teen Titans). We also checked out several favorites like Munsch, Isadora, and Rylant. And, I'm loving Pam Allyn's child's lit resource book too. ****Faves are marked, as usual!

Parent Resources:
  1. Jump into math : active learning for preschool children / Rae Pica.
  2. What to read when : the books and stories to read with your child and all the best times to read them / Pam Allyn. ****Love the recommendations in this book!!
  3. Roots, shoots, buckets & boots : gardening together with children / Sharon Lovejoy. ****We're doing the Sunflower House this season - yeah!
  4. Inquiry into math, science, and technology for teaching young children / Arleen Pratt Prairie
Kid Books:
  1. Did I ever tell you how lucky you are? / by Dr. Seuss.
  2. I can lick 30 tigers today : and other stories / by Dr. Seuss.
  3. Marvin K. Mooney, will you please go now! / by Dr. Seuss. ****A new fave introduced to us by the Domkes!
  4. Richard Scarry's Pie rats ahoy! Scarry, Richard****LOVE this one!! (recommended by the Mills)
  5. 123 pop! / Rachel Isadora. ****Awesome graphics!
  6. Sophie skates / Rachel Isadora. ****Wonderful book about ice skating for kiddos.
  7. Kallaloo! : a Caribbean tale / by David and Phillis Gershator ****A Caribbean twist to stone soup, and a classic fave for us
  8. Glass slipper, gold sandal : a worldwide Cinderella / Paul Fleischman ; ill. Julie Paschkis. ****LOVE this book!! Cinderella told from many cultural perspectives. Each page is a different country. Paschkis' illustrations are amazing as always!
  9. Hansel and Gretel / Cynthia Rylant
  10. The Duchess bakes a cake, written and illustrated by Virginia Kahl.
  11. COMIC BOOK Sonic the Hedgehog
  12. The body's business / by Rebecca Weber.
  13. The magic school bus : inside the human body / by Joanna Cole
  14. Gone fishing : ocean life by the numbers / David McLimans. ****Madeline adores this book.
  15. Our skeleton / Susan Thames. Thames, Susan. 03-19-2010
  16. Transformers animated : the AllSpark almanac / by Jim Sorenson n' Bill Forster****The kids have spent hours pouring over the pages of this, together, peacefully - admiring the illustrations and talking about all the characters. They LOVE it!
  17. The human body / Seymour Simon.
  18. Teen Titans : year one / written by Amy Wolfram
  19. Sunflower house / Eve Bunting****Hooray! A story about a sunflower house. M's even more excited about ours now.
  20. ABC pop! / Rachel Isadora. ****One of our favorite Alphabet books.
  21. The bones you own : a book about the human body / by Becky Baines. ****LOVE this SMART book for kiddos!!
  22. Sonic the hedgehog archives. Volume 1
  23. The human body / created by Gallimard Jeunesse and Sylvaine Peyrols
  24. More pies! / Robert Munsch****Classic fave of ours.
  25. Hansel and Gretel / written by the Brothers Grimm ; retold and illustrated by Rachel Isadora.
  26. The Usborne complete book of the human body / Anna Claybourne ****Good book, as usual for Usborne.
  27. My brain / by Carol Lindeen.
  28. My heart and blood / by Dana Meachen Rau. ****Good illustrations, and clear information.
  29. My bones / Sally Hewitt.
  30. Books to grow on. Gardens [kit]
  31. Books to grow on. Kids create stories [kit]
  32. Zebras / by Jill Anderson.
  33. Tiny titans. Adventures in awesomeness / Art Baltazar & Franco****We ♥ the Tiny Titans!!! LOVE them!
  34. Tiny titans. Welcome to the treehouse / Art Baltazar & Franco****We ♥ the Tiny Titans!!! LOVE them! Might need to subscribe...

Kid DVDs:
  1. Transformers animated. Transform and roll out [videorecording] / Cartoon Network****Good one.
  2. Talking words factory [videorecording] / LeapFrog****Excellent phonics and consonant blends
  3. Learn to read at the storybook factory [videorecording] / produced by Bruce D. Johnson
  4. Meet the sight words 2 [videorecording] / created by Kathy Oxley. ****Good, but too slow for the kids. Madeline asked, "Why do they keep repeating the same thing over and over and over?"
  5. Meet the sight words 3 [videorecording] / created by Kathy Oxley.
  6. Talking Words Factory 2. Code word caper [videorecording] / LeapFrog, Torchlight Entertainment****Really good info about silent "e" and vowel rules...


Zoe @ Playing by the book said...

Wow! Just found you via the Book Blog Blog and I can see I shall have to make a large cup of coffee so I can sit down and enjoy going through all your posts - your blog looks great, and just the sort of thing I'm interested in. Off to explore now!

-K said...

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to exploring your blog too... looks like you have a lot of great book reviews!


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