Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco De Mouse-o!

I admit it. I ordered Cinco De Mouse-o by Judy Cox from M's Scholastic book order simply for the Cinco tie-in. It made me smile. And, since my birthday is on Cinco de Mayo, I have a fondness for the holiday, as I do for this cute little mouse (maybe it's his tiny blue specs) who's just trying to enjoy some delicious "beany, cheesey, ricey" food, and maybe a piece of candy for dessert.

Oh, and the cat who chases him has "greeny eyes," I love that line. The book is full of excellent, rich vocabulary in both English (including "hailstones" which we learned all about earlier this week) and some Spanish (mariachis, anyone?).

The illustrations by Jeffrey Ebbeler had Erik riveted. But, of course... the pages where the pinata busts open are a kid's dream-come-true, right there to study. I won't be surprised if I find the boy licking the pages.

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