Friday, June 25, 2010

Magical Mermaids

Madeline's mesmerized by mermaids, as are many little girls. Thankfully, Scholastic always has just the right books to enchant wee ones...

In Laura Garnham's The Tiniest Mermaid, a little girl finds an injured mermaid in a tide pool, and befriends her while allowing her to recover in the fish tank in her bedroom. The story is full of magic and wonder, and really, what would be cooler than having a tiny mermaid hang out with your goldfish?

And, Mary Ann Fraser's Mermaid Sister teaches the lesson of "beware what you wish for..." when a little girl asks for a sister via message in a bottle, and gets one! This will be much better than her pesky brother. Or, will it? In the end, they do learn a good lesson, although from this book, your kiddos will learn the phrase "pain in the patootie," referring to Shelly's brother, and "pain in the flipper," in reference to Coral's brother...

Madeline loves both books, but my favorite is The Tiniest Mermaid, with it's wonderful illustrations by Patricia MacCarthy, and special touches like glittering, sparkling mermaid tails, and the fact that the tiny mermaid, Delphi, makes Lily's fish tank "... a shimmering underwater wonderland." Magical mermaids... check them out!

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