Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Book Bag: July/August

Getting ready for Kindergarten, having fun in the kitchen and the garden, and discussing anatomy have made up our library choices the last couple months. As usual in the Summer, we ended up reading mostly from our personal library, out in the hammock or on the lawn with a picnic. Happy Back-to-School! **As ever, our faves are marked below**

  1. How to be a friend : a guide to making friends and keeping them / Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown **Great practice for making new friends with the new school year
  2. A place for everything / Sean Covey
  3. Amazing you : getting smart about your private parts / by Gail Saltz **This one served its purpose well. It's concise, clear and age-appropriate, although my 3-yr old overheard the story and reacted like any boy in 6th-grade health class... snickering and giggling.
  4. The bus for us / Suzanne Bloom
  5. Beach is to fun : a book of relationships / Pat Brisson
  6. The handiest things in the world / Andrew Clements
  7. Click, clack, quackity-quack : an alphabetical adventure / by Doreen Cronin
  8. Katie and the British artists / James Mayhew **Love this - may have to get some of these for my amazing niece, Katie.
  9. The very clumsy click beetle / Eric Carle **Eric Carle, sound effects, and a story about this Summer's garden nemesis! Perfect!
  10. Tall / Jez Alborough **M loves to read this to E.
  11. Miss Nelson is missing! / Harry Allard, James Marshall **They both LOVE this!
  12. I'm your bus / Marilyn Singer **Friendly, fun illustrations and a cheerful introduction to riding the school bus!
  13. Is your buffalo ready for kindergarten?
  14. Transformers animated : how to draw / by Sadie Chesterfield ; illustrated by Carlo LoRaso **Erik is over the moon about this one!
  15. What's new, cupcake? / Karen Tack and Alan Richard **More fun with cupcakes! This may be one of the books I give to my niece Maggie for her birthday (I have a couple others too - great ideas for cake/cupcake decorating with kids)
  16. The pirate of kindergarten / by George Ella Lyon **Madeline's favorite by far - about a Kindergartner (girl) with double vision, and her fix. Very well done.

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