Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Petrifying Parody

Michael Rex provides a fabulous parody of Goodnight Moon in his "petrifying" picture book titled Goodnight Goon. Our kids love the sweet little goon, and all the monsters, witches, and other ghouls in the story, so it's no surprise that they are also big fans of Rex's second parody... The Runaway Mummy.

Just like in The Runaway Bunny, we see the child testing their independence and the Mama professing her unconditional love and devotion. The Runaway Mummy is a funny, sweet parody of Margaret Wise Brown's classic tale, and even includes a cameo illustration of the goon from Rex's other parody.

Just in time for Halloween, check out The Runaway Mummy, and Goodnight Goon — both are really fun when read with the books that they are parodies of! And, just a note to Mom and Dad... neither of Rex's parodies are really petrifying, despite his tag line.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Book Bag: October

Now that the school schedule is settling down, we are back to the library regularly, and enjoying some great new books! Some of our favorites are about seeing France through a child's eyes, finding your voice with a little help, an alphabet of occupations, and some Step 1 easy readers for the little Kindergartner in our midst! Enjoy!! ****Faves are noted as usual.

  1. How to be a friend : a guide to making friends and keeping them / Brown, Laurene Krasny
  2. Click, clack, quackity-quack : an alphabetical adventure / Cronin, Doreen
  3. LMNO Peas ****These "pea-ple" are so fun to study, and they introduce an excellent array of occupations for littles to learn about! Love!!
  4. Tall / Alborough, Jez
  5. Brownie & Pearl step out / Rylant, Cynthia****This cutie and her kitty go to a birthday party, solo, and are happy to have braved it. Fun.
  6. Everybody Bonjours! / Kimmelman, Leslie****Crêpes, anyone? This fun, rhythmic story show a very fun side to Paris.
  7. Doo-Wop Pop / Schotter, Roni****A classic do-wop fave of ours that shows some quiet kids singing out!!
  8. Leaving the nest / Gerstein, Mordicai
  9. Lost! / Moran, Alex
  10. Popcorn / Moran, Alex****M's fave Level 1 easy reader so far...
  11. The mystery of the missing tooth / Hooks, William H.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Need a Smile?

We love The Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Ann Hoberman and Marla Frazee. Frazee's illustrations are perfect for this story, and I love her style. I need to seek out other books that she's drawn.

In addition to the gorgeous pictures in this book, the story flows like music when read aloud, and is delightful in a Seuss-like way.

And, who doesn't love a tale with seven babies? Makes two seem like cake, although it's pretty fabulous in the end that this Mama gets to eat her cake too, and we all get to share some smiles with these silly, fussy eaters and their loving, fabulous parents.

Pick it up! It's a joyful story that will make you smile!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ivy & Bean... Absolutely Fabulous!

The Ivy & Bean series by Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall, are a big hit with our 5-year old, and while they are excellent chapter books to step up to, she likes to listen to them in one sitting.

Ivy (who tends toward being reserved) and Bean (who is more of a hoyden heroine), bring out the best in each other, as is usually the case with the best of best friends, and Barrows writes with a fun and creative flair that easily draws in the reader. I enjoy reading these clever stories to Madeline.

Check them out — our household highly recommends these two fascinating friends.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finding Their Voice

"Madeline is so bright and does such wonderful work, I'd love her to build her confidence and be able to share her ideas with the class more easily," says M's teacher. Of course, I want her to feel confident enough to stand up and speak her mind—to share her amazing self with the world, but I also know that her personality tends to be more observant, cautious, and quiet in large groups. In small groups and with friends, that isn't the case. I don't consider her occasional reticence to be a problem. I was mid-way through 5th grade before I was brave enough to speak out when in the spotlight (and then my natural bossiness, er... leadership was shared easily), but like M, I never had a problem speaking up when it was necessary or important. I easily defended myself and others, and she does too. Basically, I want her to be able to stand strong in the spotlight, even if she doesn't choose to seek it out, and so... I'm on a quest to find some children's books about kids finding their voice.

Louder Lili by Gennifer Choldenko shows Lili, the quietest girl in the class, being mistaken for absent by her teacher, having louder/bossier kids take credit for her ideas, and being pushed around. All things that do happen to quiet kids. However, it's fun to see her speak her mind when it counts! And, she makes a new (true) friend in the process. It's a great story.

Doo-Wop Pop by Roni Schotter
is a marvelous story about a retired jazz musician, turned school janitor, who literally helps a handful of quiet kids find their voices. His "carrots" as he calls them, finally "jump in the stew" and wow their classmates as a great new a cappella singing group. And, reading this book is a delight as the prose be bops off the page like a song!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Book Bag: September

September's book bag was all about Back-to-School this year, since we had a big milestone in our house... the first day of Kindergarten for the first kid! These four books were our very favorites!Kindergarten Diary / Antoinette Portis – A fun journal-style story from the perspective of a slightly wary first-time Kindergartner, that shows that her class is all alright... Love this one! Compares fears and reality is a funny, light-hearted manner. We bought this one.

Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten? / Audrey Vernick Sweet and silly. Perfect.

The Night Before Kindergarten / Natasha Wing nice rhyming tie-in to the classic "Night Before..." and a good intro to going off to Kindy. M's preschool teacher even gave a copy to us as a "graduation" gift.

First Day Jitters / Julie Danneberg – Fabulously funny, especially as you follow the main character through her whole morning (reluctantly getting ready), before you discover that she's a teacher at a new school! This made the kids laugh out loud! We bought this one in our Scholastic order.


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