Monday, October 25, 2010

Book Bag: October

Now that the school schedule is settling down, we are back to the library regularly, and enjoying some great new books! Some of our favorites are about seeing France through a child's eyes, finding your voice with a little help, an alphabet of occupations, and some Step 1 easy readers for the little Kindergartner in our midst! Enjoy!! ****Faves are noted as usual.

  1. How to be a friend : a guide to making friends and keeping them / Brown, Laurene Krasny
  2. Click, clack, quackity-quack : an alphabetical adventure / Cronin, Doreen
  3. LMNO Peas ****These "pea-ple" are so fun to study, and they introduce an excellent array of occupations for littles to learn about! Love!!
  4. Tall / Alborough, Jez
  5. Brownie & Pearl step out / Rylant, Cynthia****This cutie and her kitty go to a birthday party, solo, and are happy to have braved it. Fun.
  6. Everybody Bonjours! / Kimmelman, Leslie****Crêpes, anyone? This fun, rhythmic story show a very fun side to Paris.
  7. Doo-Wop Pop / Schotter, Roni****A classic do-wop fave of ours that shows some quiet kids singing out!!
  8. Leaving the nest / Gerstein, Mordicai
  9. Lost! / Moran, Alex
  10. Popcorn / Moran, Alex****M's fave Level 1 easy reader so far...
  11. The mystery of the missing tooth / Hooks, William H.

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