Friday, January 14, 2011

Adventures with Book Frog

We had a special visitor this week at our house... Book Frog! He lives in M's Kindergarten class, but gets to have exciting adventures each week when he goes home with kids to learn more about them and their families.

Madeline was very excited to have him hang out with us. She had him work on her math homework with her (she LOVES math),
I especially love this shot because she looks so little in it (shh... don't tell her!) I love the idea of Book Frog. She took the responsibility very seriously, but also had a lot of fun with it. She even built him a tiny fort with a bed in it.
She read some of her Dick and Jane books to him (it's so very exciting to watch her READING!), with me and her Papa, and I read Henry Hikes to Fitchburg by D.B. Johnson, and Courage by Bernard Waber to the kids and Book Frog.
And, we got snow! Book Frog just might have snuck out of M's bed while she was sleeping, so he could go sledding... Wheeee............. (he was very responsible about putting on some baby mittens and a tiny hat though).
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Jamie said...

Oh I love that Book Frog snuck out! That's awesome.


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