Monday, April 4, 2011

A few of her favorite things...

... to read, that is.

Miss Madeline is delighted to be able to read on her own, and we are constantly tickled by the fact that our "baby" is reading. For me, first steps, first words, they're nice, but reading? That's the more exciting milestone!

And, a few of her favorites are three series that we discovered at our library: We Both Read, I'm Going To READ, and the flip-a WORD books.

We Both Read books
have a parent page and a kid page, and so far, Madeline's favorite is The Big Tan Van by Sindy McKay. Similar books are available, divided by reading level.

The "I'm Going To READ!" books are great because they're organized by "Word Bank" in addition to reading-level, and they're a little more challenging than the standard first readers. They feature additional sight and high-frequency words in each story, and the illustrations are bright and fun too.

And, finally, Yukiko Kido's "flip-a-WORD" books are really fun for learning word groups, phonics, and rhyming. They are simple enough for our four-year-old to practice reading with his sister, and with their bold illustrations and clever (and silly) sentences, interesting enough for the Kindergartner.

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