Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Old Man Fookwire & his squirrels

We adore Those Darn Squirrels by Adam Rubin. I'd read it to to the kids as toddlers, and the story delighted our crew. Then, a few weeks ago, Madeline told me that they got to vote on their favorite of three library books. She chose this book. "Oh! I love that book," I said. And, so I had to pick it up at the library.

The illustrations are so clever and detailed. The kids love that the squirrels have squirreled away everything from loose change and buttons to a fancy diamond ring! And, perhaps our favorite part is the late-night planning session that the squirrels hold, fueled by salt and vinegar chips and cherry cola to "keep them awake." Love it. Erik adores the fact that they wear tiny helmets when attempting to get at the bird feeders, and the kids just think "old man Fookwire" is a humorous fellow.

I love the language in this story, the humor, and the fact that it tells the story of a guy "older than dirt" who can change his ways (a little) with a little kindness and time. Definitely check this one out!

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