Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This was just about the perfect bedtime story for tonight! Sometimes I'm BOMBALOO by Rachel Vail, is the story of a little girl, who is usually a very good little girl, but sometimes gets very angry and growlish and full of stomps and monster-mean feelings and she's... Bombaloo!

Being Bombaloo is scary, she says, and since Erik was 100% Bombaloo this evening, I asked him if he ever feels like this. "No. Never," he said.

"Really?!" I asked; incredulous.

"Yeah. I'd never throw my clothes all over my room like her. I like my clothes," he claimed. And, so we had to talk about sweet and happy/cooperative/in control vs. "bombaloo," angry, mad, kicking, yelling, mad at mom, etc. "Oh. That. Like tonight. Yeah, sometimes I guess I am Bombaloo and it's scary because it's hard to stop being mad. But, if I settle down, then think about it, then I can practice a different way. And, you help me."

Yes, indeed. We'll be reading this one often before returning it to the library.

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Becky said...

A fixture in my "anger management" curriculum/library. Loved by many many classes full of kinders through 5th graders. Who doesn't love a book where underwear ends up on heads? Glad your littles are enjoying it, too.


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